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Certified Organic & Gluten Free

100% of our products are certified organic & gluten free.

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Organic <br> Raw Walnuts

Raw Walnuts


Tierra Farm’s California-grown English Walnuts are mild-flavored pieces and halves from Central and Northern California. These Organic English Walnuts are light in color, crisp and...

Organic <br> French Roast <br> Coffee

French Roast


We have literally taken our coffee roasting to the next level because this French Roast is our darkest roast yet. We meticulously selected the right...

Organic <br> Raw Pecans

Raw Pecans


Organic Pecans are an increasingly popular nutritional powerhouse. Higher in dietary fiber and lower in carbohydrates in comparison with other tree nuts, Pecans are also...

We're working for a world where the things we eat do not come at the expense of the globe or everyone living on it.

100% Fully Compostable Bags on 103 Products

98% Single-Use Plastic Free

Our Mission

Tierra Farm restores people's connection with food, each other, and the Earth through delicious and sustainable, organic food.

Working with Nature, Not Against It

We're on a never-ending quest to raise the consciousness and conditions that can best sustain the environment.

Holistic Organic Activism

Our focus on natural food purity is just one part of our organic approach to restoring the Earth's ability to nourish all living things.

Community Cultivation

We work for the social equity that can best connect and protect our employees, partners and entire human family.

Tierra Farm Compostable Bag Take-Back Program

Not composting? Our Compostable Bag Take-Back Program allows you to send your used Tierra Farm bags back to us so we can properly compost them for you.

We've Got Your Gifting Covered

From corporate gifting to thoughtful holiday gifts for loved ones, our 100% organic products are sure to make an impression on all.