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I have tried a few flavors of Tierra Farm granola and this is my favorite. I love that it contains whole nuts and juice-sweetened cranberries. The maple flavor is delicious without being super sweet. I could eat this by the handful!


I have ordered many different granolas. They are all delicious and fresh. The 3lbs bags are also compostable so when it is finished it goes right into my bin. My favorite is the Cranberry Cashew Pecan. Enjoy!

Great combination of flavors.

I love this for a quick breakfast.

Contains all my favorite stuff!

This granola is super good. Perfect for breakfast or a snack

Claire Davis
Very best granola!!!

I've been using your granola since I first purchased it in the Fall of 2012 at the Tarrytown Farmers Market. When I couldn't find it locally any more, I started ordering from you online. Now I live in Greenbrier County WV and I still order your granola!
I'm a widow now, but even when my husband was alive, I was the only one eating granola. I like my granola to be low sugar and most importantly stay crunchy, and yours is the very best! In fact it's the only granola I can find anywhere that is low sugar, crunchy to begin with, and doesn't turn soggy as shortly after I add milk. I've tried others that I could source locally or where the shipping was less costly online. Cost aside, I could find none that satisfied me as well as yours! Keep doing what you're doing!

Your new compostible packaging is great, and I will definitely sign up for your take-back program on my next order. Also, I'm encouraged by your current offer of a 3lb size! I used to order the 5lb bags until you stopped offering that. Then you offered a 20oz size, and I ordered that until you discontinued that too, and I stopped buying from you altogether for a while when you switched to only 12oz packages because the shipping was so high. Now I order the 3lb bags and can wait until I have a larger order with multiple items to spread the cost of shipping, or meet the free shipping requirement.

Thanks for listening Tierra Farm!!!