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Customer Reviews

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Crisp and flavorful

The texture of the almonds is exceptionally good, just the right level of fresh and crunchy (but not hard or stale!). The tamari seasoning lends a well-balanced level of salty umami flavor. A new pantry staple for us!

Jenny C
So yummy!!

These tamari almonds are so good!! Crisp and satisfying!! I love them!

Catherine B
Best Tamari Almonds

So fresh and tasty. I bought one 12 oz bag to try - rookie mistake. I'll order the 3 lb bag next time!

Jonathan Gordon
Awesome Organic Roasted Tamari Almonds

Much better than any others I've ever tried -- just enough tamari, always fresh & crunch easily. Thanks for the quality!

Pam Butler
Gateway drug

It was a small container of the tamari roasted almonds that set me off on my addiction with Tierra farm products. I bought them many many years ago at a small stand they had at what was the beginnings of a farmers market in Hudson NY. They were so fresh. They had a crispness and freshness beyond any Tamari roasted almonds I gotten anywhere before or since.And just the right dose of tamari too. I would say every purchase from Tierra Farms since then has almost always (with rare rare moments where its not 100% but maybe 95%) lived up to that first purchase. And always the tamari almonds have. Love Tierra Farms, and love love their Tamari Almonds