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Righteous Food, Natural Integrity

Our hunger for a better world starts with the stuff that keeps us going today. That mindful approach to growing, sourcing, and handcrafting our organic foods puts the people we serve and the planet we share before everything else. Because a common concern for each other and our world is our best chance for the healthy future we all crave.

We proudly are certified by...

USDA Organic


The United States Department of Agriculture, also known as the Agriculture Department’s the federal executive department responsible for developing & executing federal laws in relation to food, rural economic development, forestry, and farming.

Fair Trade Certified


A fair-trade certification’s a product certification within the market based movement of fair trade. The most broadly utilized fair trade certification is FLO International’s, the International Fairtrade Certification Mark, used in New Zealand, Australia, Asia, Africa, and Europe.

GCFO Gluten Free Certified


The GFCO certification mark refers to the independent verification of integrity and quality, and products that carry the mark represent reliability that is unmatched.

EarthKosher Kosher Certified


Founded in 2004, EarthKosher’s a kosher certification agency headquartered in Boulder, CO, with offices in Jerusalem and New York. Providing kosher certification on a global basis.

Northeast Organic Farming Association


The Northeast Organic Farming Association’s the United States’ 501 non-profit organization that promotes a clean environment, organic farming practices, and healthy food.

Food Quality & Safety


The authority that’s established in delivering tactical and strategic approaches needed for security, safety, and quality assurance in the food and beverage industry.

Our facility is proudly:

Penaut Free Solar Powedered Facility GFCO Gluten Free

Tierra Farm Compostable Bag Take-Back Program

Not composting? Our Compostable Bag Take-Back program allows you to send your Tierra Farm bags (that are already used) back to us so we can compost them properly for you.