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Marcia White
The best!

I have bought dried mango from many different sources, but Tierra Farms dried mango is by far the best, and even better that it is organic. the three-pound bags we buy are gone before you know it! I have moved to ordering all my organic dried fruit from Tierra Farms and couldn't be happier (or healthier) for it!

Tanya Goldstein

I love this dried mango. It’s always sweet, nice and chewy if you eat it straight out of the bag, and if you put it in a little bowl of water overnight it rehydrates to be almost indistinguishable from freshly sliced fruit. Perfect for putting on oatmeal, cereal, yogurt, or blending in a smoothie. Where I live, good fresh mango is hard to come by, and frozen chunks take up too much space in the freezer. I try never to be without this!

Darlene E.
Fresh & Tangy

I am leaving a review on the wonderful organic mangos. They are fresh, tangy and supply just the correct amount of fruit sugar that does not create a blood sugar issue (mess with glycemic index!). It is our dessert after we eat our evening meal. They freeze well and do not lose the softness or taste. We have enjoyed them for years.

Durango Natural Foods Co-op
Top Seller!

We sell about 100 lbs. a month in our store! They are very tender and super flavorful. I'm always worried what customers might do if we ran out...

William G

So good...very sweet but retains mango flavor. Texture of dried fruit is just right, not too soft or too tough. A bit pricey, but well worth it, just savor a piece or two every day.
Will definitely buy again and again.